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Fire Fighting Problems

Have you ever recognized that 90% of ordinary people cannot use fire-extinguishing equipment when they are facing a real Fire situation .

Are you one of those people, who have found themselves unable to use fire extinguishing equipment in real fire situation because of the following reasons.


Basically, we do not compare between fire extinguishing tank and elide fire extinguishing ball which when it touches to fire flame within 3-10 seconds, it will activate automatically and extinguish fire while the general need to be used 100% manually.


1. How do I use the Elide Fire?

There are 2 ways: (1) you can install it above items and machinery (e.g. electrical power panels, cooking hobs, battery charging stations, prayer altars etc) where there is a higher risk of fire. If a fire breaks out, the ELIDE FIRE will be your first line of fire safety. (2) You can keep it handy and accessible so that it is easily reached and tossed into a fire.

2. How does it activate?

The ELIDE FIRE must be in contact with a flame before it will be activated. At the surface of the ball is a fuse cord that is made of a flame-sensitive material. Once the ball comes into contact with fire, the ball will burst and disperse the dry chemical powder.

3. Is it dangerous?

No. The dry chemical powder is non-toxic. The activation sound of 120dB is not harmful to our ears. The burst is very low-energy and the debris comprises only fine powder, Styrofoam and plastic wrap.

4. How to clean up after using?

The powder is dry. Therefore, normal sweeping, vacuuming and/or dusting is sufficient.

5. Does it require maintenance or inspections?

NO, there is no maintenance or inspections required.

6. Do I need a license to own it?

NO, there are no Licenses required.

7. By what mechanism does it put out fire?

Fire can only exist in the presence of Fuel, Heat and Oxygen. The dry powder coats the Fuel (the burning item) and forms a barrier between the Fuel and Oxygen, thereby extinguishing the fire.

8. What types of fires can it extinguish?

Class A Fires (Solids), B Fires (Liquids), C Fires (Gas) and Electrical Fires.

9. What is the cover area?

When the ball bursts, it disperses the powder into a spherical volume of ELB 01= 2 square meters. ELB 02= 1 square meter.

10. What will happen if I drop it?

No issue with that. It has been through drop-tested up to 2.5m. If you drop it from higher than that, it might break and spill its contents, but it WILL NOT activate or explode.

11. What do I do with the ELIDE FIRE after it expires?

Perforate the product, pour water on the ball then landfill under the trees and pour water again, to growth the trees.

12. How do I install the ball?

The ELIDE FIRE is supplied with a cradle, a pair of wall-plugs, and screws. We also offer a specially designed bracket and accessories for use with the cradle to provide more installation options and further security for the ball.

13. What standards does it comply with?

It bears the internationally recognized CE Mark in respect of European Directive 2013/29/EU. It has also been standard to various National standards such as Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and Turkey.

14. Why don’t I just rely on sprinklers?

Sprinklers activate at about 68°C. This means that the fire has to grow sufficiently large to generate the required heat. And remember, once those sprinklers activate water damage to your goods and property is inevitable. The Elide Fire Ball gives you a chance to suppress fire earlier and closer to its source.

15. Who can use it?

Anyone with at least one works hand. At 1.3kg and with a diameter of 152 mm (ELB 01 size 6”) and 415 g and with a diameter of 105 mm (ELB 02 size 4”) , it is the easiest fire fighting device ever to use. It’s suitable for children, adults, and elderly.

16. Is training required to use it?

No, you just need to read through our Manual use and proceed accordingly.

17. Is there any other size?

Yes, There are 2 sizes ELB 01 (6”) ELB02 (4”)

18. Can I store it outdoors?

If you put it outdoors, ensure that it is properly sheltered from rain and water. The ball should not get wet.

19. At what temperature does it activate?

The ball activates when in contact with fire. Fire (flame) only.

20. What is the highest storage temperature?


21. Why can’t buildings have this ball instead of the fire extinguisher?

Fire safety features in buildings must strictly according to fire safety standards, in which sprinklers and fire extinguishers have been a mainstay since the very beginning. It is unlikely that this will change in the near future for many reasons. Nevertheless, the Elide Fire can exist alongside these traditional technologies to greatly enhance fire safety.

22. Can it put out large fires?

The Elide Fire is designed and intended to suppress fire at its incipient stage, or within the first 4 minutes. In the event of a large fire, the ball can greatly enhance survivability of building occupants, for example, by temporarily suppressing a fire at an exit door or staircase landing.

23. Can the explosion noise produced by the activating ball damage, the hearing of humans?

During activation, the ball will make an alarm noise equivalent to an aural warning sound of typically about 117-125 dB, within safety international standards under the regulation of Impulsive noise. From our point of view, we think that the noise produced is an efficient way to alert the existence of a fire.

24. Is it safe for restaurant?

When the Elide Fire activates, it cannot damage the properties because its explosion is not strong enough and it is combined with a foam container that is non-CFC and cannot be flammable.

25. Is it eco friendly?

Dry Mono ammonium phosphate type powder is environmentally friendly and safe for humans, animals, plants and various electrical devices. The ball has passed many safety standards worldwide. After the activation, the exploded chemicals can be treated under the tree and poured by water to grow the tree as manure.

26. Materials safe to be around and breath on?

The chemicals contained inside the Elide Fire are not harmful to both human and environment and they are certified by standard laboratories from many countries. The Elide Fire does not contain any harmful chemicals which effects the environment under the international standard legislations.

27. Why is it better than a fire extinguisher?

The Elide Fire provides a rapid, convenient and simple means to fight a fire. Simply throw or roll the ball into the fire from a safe distance. The operation is so simple that even a child can stop the fire before it spreads, endangering life and/or property.

28. What is the life span of product?

The Life span of Elide Fire is 5 years and incase of in car engine installed the life span of Elide Fire will be 1 year.